Bring the outside in with our Top 5 Mood Enhancing Summer Essential Oils

Summer time is here, and for those of us who enjoy the hot sunshine we can revel in more time outside in the great outdoors. The lighter, longer days and the sunshine are great for lifting our moods, but the summer time in the UK wouldn't be the same without a few impromptu rainy, cold and cloudy days, which can bring on a lower mood we may associate with the darker autumnal and winter weather.

When the British summertime has got you down, or if hay fever or too much warmth has made you prefer to be indoors, you can bring the outside in by fragrancing your home, or yourself, with aromatherapy scents of summer.

All Over The Drops Top 5 Summer Essential Oils are our favourite summer time herbaceous and floral oils. They all have sweet fragrances and are sure to keep you on a natural summertime high, even after the sun has gone down.


If you like the subtle smell of sweet apples that permeate from a warm soothing cup of Chamomile tea, but you haven’t experienced the intensity of the Chamomile fragrance from a bottle of 100% pure Chamomile essential oil, then you will be in for a treat if you purchase a bottle of this charming oil. 

chamomile tea

Chamomile essential oils can be bought in two varieties, German Chamomile and Roman Chamomile, (which is also sometimes referred to as English Chamomile). There are differences in how the two variants of this plant grows, and in their flowers, foliage and chemical composition; this in turn affects the scent of the essential oils they produce. The Roman or English variety is often sweeter than the German variety, which has a more earth like depth to it’s scent.

The benefits of Chamomile essential oil are the same as you may experience when drinking the tea. It has a soothing and calming effect that can help to relieve stress and aid with a restful sleep. In addition to improving mood and well-being, Chamomile has a sweet top note scent that comprises a herb like aroma with sweet crisp apples thrown into the mix.

Tips for using Chamomile Essential oil

  • Diffuse ✓
  • Dilute to Massage ✓
  • Drop on your pillow for a restful nights sleep ✓

Ylang Ylang

Pronounced EE-lang EE-lang, this hedonistic essential oil has a strong floral fragrance. If you smell the oil straight from the bottle you may at first be overpowered by the strong fragrance, however the correct way to realise the scent of any essential oil as it is intended is not from sniffing it directly from the bottle.

drop essential oil on cotton wool to smell it

Ylang Ylang is a prime example of an essential oil where the fragrance is more likely to meet with your approval having given it time to dissipate and letting it naturally permeate into the atmosphere by diffusion or via distribution into a massage oil.

For a quick fix and to fully understand the aroma of this decadent oil, drop it on to a perfume tester strip, some blotting paper or tissue and waft around before inhalation. This will open up the different elements of the fragrance, allowing you to really indulge in its complexity. 

When you smell the fragrance in this way, you may recognise that Ylang Ylang is one of the main fragrances used in the classic Chanel No5 perfume. The scent is floral, exotic and oriental.  There is a likeness to the scent of Jasmine essential oil and a slight undercurrent of banana and vanilla.

By closing your eyes and breathing the fragrance in deeply you can begin to deconstruct the layers that make up the richness of the scent, and you will be forgiven for being in awe that nature can provide such a deep complexity of fragrance from the flowers of a plant.

Ylang Ylang is a middle to base note essential oil and works well when blended with top note oils.

For a very easy first time blend, try combining with Sweet Orange essential oil. Combining the blended oils on a tissue or perfume strip and wafting will give you an indication of how these scents can combine to compliment one another. Inhalation of this blend will lift your mood and induce a heightened sense of well-being.

Tips for using Ylang Ylang essential oil

  • Diffuse ✓
  • Dilute for a sensual massage ✓
  • Blend with Sweet Orange essential oil ✓


The staple of any essential oil collection, Lavender is a functional oil with a well recognised yet not understated fragrance and many practical uses. If you have not experimented with aromatherapy or tried using essential oils before, then Lavender should definitely be very near the top of your ‘to try’ list. With a reasonable price point, a cheery floral fragrance and a myriad of uses it begs the question, What is there not to like about this miracle essential oil?

Lavender essential oil

If you are not lucky enough to be spending all summer sipping endless cocktails by the beach, but you are stuck in a reality of working and somehow trying to juggle the kids having 6 weeks off school, whilst funding a childminder, family vacation and new Autumn Winter uniforms, you may well be in need of a relaxation method that won’t cost you the earth. 

Lavender essential oil can not only be inhaled to relieve stress and improve mood, but it can also be a fantastic addition to your medicine cabinet. Use it diluted to treat minor burns or scratches and grazes when your little ones take a tumble; diffuse it when the kids are driving you mad to keep your mood regulated, and finally at the end of those long summer days, drop it on your pillow to aid with a restful nights sleep

Tips for using Lavender essential oil

  • Diffuse ✓
  • Dilute to massage ✓
  • Dilute to treat cuts, grazes and minor burns ✓
  • Drop on your pillow for a good night’s sleep ✓
  • Compliments many oils so good for blending ✓

Rose Absolute

To re-create the fragrance of a quintessential English Garden within your home, opt for a traditional Rose Absolute essential oil. Fragrancing your home with Rose Absolute may not be the most cost effective way to bring the outside in, but if you invest in a bottle of this exquisite oil, you will only need to use it sparingly to reap its many benefits.

rose absolute essential oil tips

The uplifting, mood enhancing and familiar scent of Roses are vastly intensified when they are condensed and crammed into a bottle of the absolute. The result is a fragrance that is far more powerful than you will experience by smelling the flowers individually.

Many of us love the smell of Roses, but none more so than Professor Gianfrancco Fineschi. In 1967 he began to collect Roses in his private garden in the hills of Tuscany. It is thought he now has approximately 8000 types of roses growing in his collection. Despite Professor Fineschi’s huge and unrivalled collection of Roses, you are likely to find that there are only two main species of Rose used to produce the absolutes. These are the Rosa Centifolia and Rosa Damascena varieties, which are prized for their traditional Rose fragrance.

If you are lucky enough to have a bottle of Rose Absolute you can use it to balance feelings of anxiety and to relieve tension. Rose Absolute is also considered an aphrodisiac; mix it with a base oil such as Sweet Almond oil for a sensual massage to remember, or get crafty and create your own bath salts that will relax your body and mind.

Tips for using Rose Absolute oil

  • Diffuse to ward off feelings of anxiety ✓
  • Dilute for a sensual massage ✓
  • Add a drop to your facial moisturiser to keep the skin supple ✓


Bring the citrus blossom scent of a Mediterranean orange grove into your home this summer by diffusing Neroli essential oil in your aromatherapy essential oil burner.

orange grove

No matter where you are in the world this summer, taking in deep, purposeful breaths of Neroli essential oil can transport you away from all your troubles. The warm, spicy fragrance with undertones of honey and citrus will alleviate feelings of stress and enhance even the darkest of moods. 

Neroli has a slightly sedative effect, so can be used after a long day at work, or looking after the children, as a way to unwind and de-stress. For a quick easy way to uplift your mood, put a few drops of base oil onto the palm of your hand and add a couple of drops of Neroli essential oil. Massage your hands together, cup your palms, close your eyes and gently breathe in the fragrance from your hands. Take long deep breaths. 

Palm inhalation of Neroli oil in this way can uplift and enhance your mood and help you to take a couple of minutes for relaxation. While you breathe in the fragrance try to clear your mind of all the noise or worries that might be plaguing you, the same way as you would if you were in deep meditation. You may be surprised how just a few minutes of doing this exercise can reset your thoughts and intentions very quickly while balancing your body and mind.

When you have finished inhalation, rub your hands together to soften the skin on your hands and to help keep your nails healthy.

Tips for using Neroli essential oil

  • Diffuse ✓
  • Dilute to massage ✓
  • Use palm inhalation for a quick mood enhancing boost ✓
  • Drop on your pillow to induce peaceful sleep