How To Make A Vegan Aromatherapy Candle

Soy wax aromatherapy candles are easy and fun to make. Soy wax is Vegan so this is a good candle if you’re looking for a cruelty free, sustainable option. Using natural plant based pure essential oils means that there will be no harmful toxins when you burn your candles and you will reap the aromatherapy benefits when your candles are lit up.

hoe to mage a vegan home made candle

"You can use one essential oil to fragrance your candle, or get creative and make a blend of oils".

What do you need to make a soy wax candle?

  • Candle containers
  • Wicks
  • Glue dots
  • Candle wax melting pot
  • Soy wax
  • Essential oil
  • Candle wax thermometer
  • Scissors

Nice to have but not 100% necessary

  • Safety stickers
  • Wick stabiliser/ centralising device
  • Wick trimmer

Candle containers for home made aromatherapy candles

It’s a good idea to start collecting containers well before you start making candles. You can buy glass jars from a candle making shop, or you can re-use old candle jars, jam jars of quirky items you have picked up from thrift stores. 

containers for home made candles

We are using some new candle jars, some old ones and some cute Wedgewood coffee cups that we found in a charity shop.

Candle safety stickers

If you want to make your candles look super professional, consider getting some safety stickers. These are great if you are wanting to sell your candles, or if you are gifting them and want them to look a bit more special.

safety stickers on home made candle

We put the stickers on the glass candle containers but they didn’t fit on the little coffee cups so we have added them onto the bottom of the matching saucers that go with the cups.

how to make an aromatherapy candle

How to add a wick to a home made aromatherapy candle

The next step is to glue your wicks into place in the middle and at the bottom of your candle containers. You will need wicks and glue dots. 

how to make a home made candle glue dots and wicks

Candle wicks

Candle wicks come in different sizes so you need to check that you have the right size for your containers. Having the wrong wick size will mean your candle won’t burn correctly.

Use the glue dots to position the wicks in place at the bottom of your candle containers.

how to position candle wick in jar

You can then use a wick centraliser device to keep the wick in the middle of the container. This is a good tool to have, as without it when you pour the Soy Wax the wick will move. 

If you don’t have the wick stabiliser device you can use two lolly sticks laid flat on the rim of the container with the wick positioned between them to hold the candle wick in place. 

How to melt Soy Wax for a home made candle

Once you have your containers ready it is time to start melting the wax in your wax melting pot.

Make a bain-marie on your stove by filling a pan (that is larger than your wax melting pot) with boiling water.

Pour the Soy Wax pellets into your wax melting pot and then place the wax melting pot into the bain-marie.

How to make a bain marie for candle making

When the wax reaches 185 degrees Fahrenheit all the wax should be melted.  Use your thermometer to check that the wax has reached the required temperature.

When it has reached the the right temperature, remove the wax melting pot from the bain-marie and place it on one side to cool down.

Now it’s time to get your essential oils ready. You can choose one oil or mix a few together to create a unique blend.

how to make a candle with essential oils

We have used a combination of Geranium, Rose Absolute, Ylang Ylang and Clove Leaf essential oils.

When the wax temperature has reduced to 130 degrees Farenheit add the essential oil. Make sure to mix the essential oils well into the wax so that the fragrance is distributed evenly. 

how to make a vegan candle

How to hand pour a home made candle

Now you’re ready to start pouring the wax and essential oil solution into your containers.

It is best to pour the wax slowly so it gradually fills the container. Leave about a 1 cm gap between where the wax stops and the top of the container.

how to make a soy candle

The Soy Wax will need about 5 days to completely solidify before you can light it.

When your aromatherapy candles have set cut off the excess wick with a wick trimmer or some very sharp scissors.

candle in a coffee cup

Leave at least a 1cm wick so that when the candle is lit there is enough flame on the wick to start the process of burning the candle properly.