How to use Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil

Jasmine Absolute is rich & decadent with an exquisite floral fragrance.

Jasmine absolute is made from the petals of the jasmine flowerJasminum Officinale

Jasmine flowers have an intense fragrance and the essential oil is no different. Jasmine has many fine qualities it is great for soothing the psyche, stress relief, evoking feelings of confidence and heightening the libido.

It takes vast quantities of Jasmine blossoms to create a few drops of the Absolute. The blossoms are painstaking hand harvested with care being taken not to bruise the blossoms so that the oil that is produced is of the finest quality. The potency of the oil means that only a little is required for massage, diffusion and aromatherapy purposes.

The powerful fragrance of Jasmine Absolute is aromatic, floral and hedonistic. The Absolute is created via natural solvent extraction. This process is used because the heat from steam distillation used in producing many other essential oils would ruin the delicate Jasmine flowers. 

Where have I smelt Jasmine before?

Jasmine is used in many perfumes and cosmetics as it is prized for in wondrous aromatic scent, some of the bigger names in the perfume industry such as Christian Dior have found recognition with its use in famous fragrances such as Poison, which is a combination of many fragrant oils including Jasmine, Orange blossom and Coriander.

Jasmine absolute is one ingredient in Chanel no5

Jasmine is also a key ingredient in the world famous iconic Chanel no5 perfume and is a firm favourite with celebrity perfumers featuring in Britney Spears’ Fantasy, Kylie Minogue’s Sexy Darling and Beyonce’s Heat Kissed.

What is Jasmine Absolute used for?

Jasmine Absolute for wellbeing
The properties of Jasmine have positive benefits for many different wellbeing elements of the human condition. For clarity of mind, confidence, peace, optimism, love, euphoria and as a mechanism to relieve yourself from guilt, the list of benefits is endless.

It has also been known throughout time as an aphrodisiac and a natural way to induce libido. Massage, diffuse or inhale from cupped palms for a positive emotional experience.

massages with essential oils reduce stress levels

Jasmine oil for skin care
Add an additional depth to your skincare routine. By using Jasmine Absolute sparingly as part of your skincare routine, a single drop added to a base oil or to your regular moisturiser will suffice as part of your evening skin care routine.

The oil is not only rich in potency it also has a dark rich colour which you will no doubt notice when you blend the oil with a carrier.

Massage gently into your face, neck and décolleté. The properties of Jasmine are attributed to keeping skin young, supple, blemish and scar free and will add a radiant glow with prolonged use.

Jasmine oil for the mind
Diffused and inhaled or massaged into the skin, the aromatic properties of Jasmine Absolute will create a stimulating effect on the mind and improve mental clarity.

Whether the result you are looking for is to improve your outlook by lifting your spirits, sense of confidence in yourself, or creating a romantic ambience to increase libido and arousing your sensuality.

Jasmine helps rekindle loving feelings

Combine Jasmine with other premium oils, such as Rose and Neroli, to make a sensual massage blend perfect for rekindling feelings of passion and companionship. Blending with peppermint can create a blend to focus the mind.

Jasmine oil for your monthly cycle
For cramps, mood swings and the hormonal imbalances that come with menstruation, perimenopause and menopause, utilise Jasmine oil to ease your symptoms.

It can be challenging having to navigate through our cycles while holding down jobs and the daily responsibilities of life. When you feel this way out don’t beat yourself up about not being able to tick off everything on your to do list. Guilt free time for yourself is essential for wellbeing. Run a bath, add some Jasmine Absolute, clear your mind and slowly breathe in and out.

After bathing pat yourself dry, light some candles in your bedroom and massage your abdomen, lower back and bottom of your feet. Prepping yourself in this way will leave you ready for a good night's sleep. Relaxing and rejuvenating your body and mind so you can tackle what tomorrow brings with clarity of mind. 

Jasmine Absolute recipes

Hedonistic diffuser blend
1 drop of Jasmine Absolute, 1 drop of Rose absolute 1 drop of Ylang Ylang, 4 drops of Neroli. This blend can also be added to a roller bottle and topped up with a base oil to create a natural perfume that you can take with you on the move and is sure to get pulses racing.

Jasmine absolute hedonistic essential oil blend

Jasmine hormone balance massage blend
Combine 1 drop of Jasmine with 4 drops or Clary Sage and 5 drops of Lavender in 10mls of massage oil. A perfect aromatherapy blend to ease monthly cycle symptoms.

Jasmine absolute blends well with:
Bergamot, Chamomile, Clary Sage, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Neroli, Peppermint, Rose and Sandalwood.

Jasmine Absolute safety

Use sparingly and dilute before use. For external use only. Seek advice before use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Keep out of the reach of children.