How to use Neroli essential oil

Neroli can be used as an aphrodisiac to increase libido.

Neroli essential oil comes from the fruit of the tree

Citrus Aurantium

Neroli is one of the most common scents to be used in perfumery, it is an extravagant essential oil which has a warming fragrance that comprises citrus and honey with spicy and sweet floral undertones.

Neroli essential oil is harvested from the blossom of the Citrus Aurantium bitter orange tree. The blossoms are very delicate and therefore after they are picked they are distilled immediately, so that the oil can be produced before the blossoms decay.

It takes 100 kilograms of the blossom to produce 1 kilogram of oil. Neroli is a decadent oil and when used topically it should be used sparingly to experience the full benefits of the oils properties.

Where have I smelt Neroli before?

Channels No19 is a woody and floral fragrance which incorporates Neroli along with Bergamot, Jasmine, Rose, Sandalwood and other fragrant scents, described by Chanel as ‘Audacious and assertive. Never conventional’. The number 19 was chosen for the name as it commemorates Coco Chanel’s birthday which was the 19th August.

Chanel no19 is fragranced with Neroli oil

Beyonce’s Heat also makes use of Neroli, combined with other top notes of Peach, Vanilla and Magnolia, a fragrance as captivating as the beautiful Beyonce herself.

What is Neroli essential oil used for?

Neroli essential oil for increased libido
Once you smell this deeply fragrant scent you will instantly realise why Neroli is an aphrodisiac. There are lots of reasons as to why you may have a low sex drive, including illness, stress and hormonal imbalances like the menopause, but the good news is that certain essential oils can be used as a natural way of increasing your libido.

Neroli essential to improve libido

If you’re feeling in the mood, or want to get into the mood you can use Neroli mixed with a carrier of your choice to give, or receive a sensual massage. Inhalation will help bring a sense of calmness, which reduces stress levels, blood pressure and menopausal symptoms, leaving you free to focus on other stress relieving activities!

Neroli essential oil for tension headaches, stress and anxiety
Combine Neroli oil with citrus essential oils such as lemon, lemongrass or orange and inhale to uplift your mood and ward off worrisome feelings. If you have a headache make a warm compress using a flannel with a few drops of Neroli infused into it and place on your forehead. Lay down and breathe deeply.

Neroli essential oil for stress and headaches

Alternatively inhale a diluted mixture of Neroli oil from cupped palms or a diffuser to alleviate feelings of stress and tension.

Adding Neroli oil to a bath with either a carrier oil or a couple of cups of Epsom salts is another effective way to sooth the psyche.

Neroli essential oil for the skin
Neroli can also be used as a skincare treatment for your face to help with anti ageing, scarring and hydration.

Mix with a little carrier oil and delicately massage into you skin every morning and evening for a soothing rejuvenating treatment.

You can benefit from these same properties by administering Neroli as part of an all over body massage which will have soothing and relaxation benefits.

Neroli oil for hair care
You can benefit from the exquisite smell of Neroli oil all day long by making it part of your hair care routine. For a quick hack add drops to your shampoo or conditioner.

neroli essential oil can be used to condition hair

For a more ecologically friendly recipe combine with some Soap nuts, water and Neroli oil to create a natural shampoo that won’t leave a major impact on the environment or your purse.

If your hair care routine is more about the conditioner than the shampoo, make a hot oil treatment with Jojoba oil and Neroli, apply to your hair and put on a plastic cap and a warm towel to keep it in place. If you have a hair steamer this will work quicker and give better results. Leave on for at least 30 minutes before rinsing off.

Neroli can also be used to create a really simply hair perfume, using a spritzer bottle of water and Neroli oil for a quick spray of floral fragrance when your hair needs freshening up.

Neroli essential oil recipes

Neroli perfume rollerball
To make a floral signature perfume, fill a rollerball with Jojoba oil and add a combination of Neroli, Rose and Patchouli oils to create a unique yet intoxifying personal perfume blend. For an added wow factor add some pretty dried flowers to the bottle too, for a perfume that looks and smells devine.

Neroli oil skincare treatment
Blend 3 drops of Neroli oil, 3 drops of Lavender and 3 drops of Chamomile in a carrier oil and gently massage into clean skin every morning and evening for an anti ageing face oil which will keep your skin young and supple.

neroli oil anti ageing skin formula

Neroli oil blends well with
Bergamot, Chamomile, Frankincense, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon, Lemongrass, Patchouli, Rose, Rosemary and Ylang ylang

Neroli essential oil safety
Neroli oil is considered safe and non toxic, however it shouldn’t be ingested and should always be diluted with a carrier oil before use. As it is expensive it can be prudent to mix this oil with a cheaper oil to make it go a little further. Pregnant and breastfeeding women and children should avoid using Neroli oil unless directed to do so by a qualified aromatherapist or Dr.