How to use Peppermint Essential Oil

Improve your mood and concentration with Peppermint essential oil.

Mentha Piperita

Awaken your senses with a bottle of mood stimulating Peppermint essential oil. The aroma promotes mental clarity, improves alertness and memory and is excellent for clearing the sinuses.

Used topically it has the ability to cool sore muscles, relieve itchiness and soothe headaches. 100% pure Peppermint essential oil is potent and has a strong menthol fragrance and therefore it can be used sparingly in topical application to achieve your desired results.

The main constituent of Peppermint oil is Menthol which is naturally occurring. Menthol has local anaesthetic and counterirritant properties, It also has a mild effect on the K-opioid gene which binds opiates to receptors in the brain and in turn affects mood, consciousness and motor skills.

Peppermint essential oil can improve mood

Mentone is present in a number of essential oils and is the constituent part that provides the familiar scent associated with mint that you will recognise in the fragrance of Peppermint essential oil.

Where have I smelt Peppermint before?

Mint tea
Peppermint is a very versatile herb for its soothing qualities and it is therefore used extensively in mint teas. The essential oils that are extracted in the infusion process when Peppermint leaves are used for tea not only give off a familiar fragrance, but also have an anti inflammatory effect and can help to aid with gastric issues.

Peppermint has an anti inflammatory effect

Breath fresheners
Peppermint is a familiar addition to products that freshen the breath including toothpastes, mouthwash and chewing gums. Big brand chewing gums such as Wrigley’s, Orbit and Trident all have products that contain Peppermint flavourings, with Trident original flavour, a combination of Peppermint, Spearmint, Cassis and Cinnamon earning the accolade of being the official gum to the White House.

Chocolate and confectionary
Most people will agree that peppermint is delicious when combined with chocolate. Fry’s Chocolate Cream made by Cadbury is a long standing favourite for those of us who love a chocolate mint treat, launched in 1866, this bar not only has a delicious Peppermint fragrance and taste, but it’s also Vegan, which makes it an ethical mint choc guilty pleasure.

What is Peppermint essential oil used for?

Peppermint oil for concentration
Peppermint oil can be used to naturally improve focus, memory and concentration, so why not utilise this oil when you have a big project to complete or if you need to get into study mode.

Peppermint essential oil can help with concentration

Simply diffusing the oil while you work will help to get you into the zone. If you don’t have a diffuser to hand, drop some oil on a tissue and keep it in the vicinity of your workstation or dilute the oil in a rollerball and take it to work with you and apply on your pulse points whenever you need to concentrate.

If you are working at home or in an environment where you won’t be likely to attract strange looks whilst administering self massage, rub diluted peppermint oil onto the neck and shoulders and the bottom of your feet to reap the benefits of this mood and concentration enhancing essential oil.

Peppermint oil to revive tired feet
If you’ve been wearing ill fitting shoes, squeezing into high heels, covering some running distance or if you just need to show your feet a little attention, Peppermint essential oil is well worth adding to a well deserved foot treatment.

Use peppermint essential oil to revive tired feet

Simply soaking feet in a warm water infused with Peppermint oil or creating a homemade foot scrub will enliven tired aching feet. Smothering your feet with a Peppermint oil added to a regular foot cream or carrier oil after a soak will leave your feet feeling soft and revitalised and smelling fabulous.

Peppermint oil shower gel
Creating your own homemade shower gel is not as difficult as you may think and you can easily create a gel that refreshes, tingles and awakens your senses using Peppermint essential oil with a natural base of Castile soap.

With a small amount of time and effort you can create a vegan body cleanser that is not laden with chemicals and is better for your skin and the environment than mass produced alternatives. Cleansing your body using Peppermint essential oil will provide antiseptic and anti inflammatory benefits while reducing muscle tension and can also relieve irritated itchy skin. See Peppermint essential oil recipes for a quick and easy shower gel recipe that will leave you clean and feeling alert.

Peppermint essential oil recipes

Peppermint essential oil diffuser study blend 
Peppermint can be diffused by itself to help improve concentration, but if you want a more powerful study aid combine it with Rosemary essential oil which has been scientifically proven to boost memory. 5 drops of both of these oils mixed in a diffuser will give you an intellectual competitive edge and bring out your inner Einstein.

Tingly Peppermint Shower gel
To create a shower gel to give you a spring in your step when you’re feeling sluggish on a morning you will need some unfragranced Castile soap, a carrier oil, (Grapeseed, Jojoba, Avocado oil or Coconut oil are good choices), some water and a pump or foam dispenser. 

In your dispenser mix a third Castile oil, a third of your carrier oil and a third of water and add an appropriate amount of Peppermint essential oil depending on your skin sensitivity and the size of your dispenser bottle. For a more heightened tingly sensation add some Tea Tree oil too. Give the potion a shake before use to make sure all the ingredients are mixed up and shower away.

If you are familiar with certain mass produced shower gels that are specifically tingly, you may know to be aware that they can create quite a sensation when used on more intimate areas. Peppermint and Tea Tree essential oils can give you the same sensation so go easy on using your shower gel 'where the sun don’t shine'! 

Peppermint essential oil blends well with
Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Lemon, Lemongrass, Neroli, Rosemary and Tea Tree

Peppermint essential oil safety

Keep Peppermint essential oil away from children. Peppermint essential oil is for adult use only and is definitely not recommended for children under the age of 7. Do not ingest Peppermint EO or use internally unless prescribed by a Dr or qualified aromatherapist. Keep away from eyes and always dilute before use. Peppermint essential oil should be avoided if you are pregnant or nursing.