How to use Roman Chamomile essential oil

Roman Chamomile can be used to reduce stress, anxiety & tension.  

Anthemis Nobilis

Anthemis Nobilis is often referred to as Roman or English Chamomile. The delicate daisy like flowers are steamed distilled to create this exquisite essential oil. If you have ever enjoyed the calming effects of a cup of Chamomile tea you will recognise the gentle floral aroma of this oil and your nose may also detect a hint of fresh sweet apples as part of the make up of its fragrance.

You may see Chamomile essential oils on sale at various price points. Because Chamomile is an expensive oil to produce, some of the cheaper oils are often diluted with a base oil.

If you're wondering what the difference is between pure Chamomile oil and dilute, the answer is down to quality, potency and price. 

The pure oil, is (as you may imagine), far more poignant than the dilute version. 100% pure Roman Chamomile essential oil is of superior quality, can be used more sparingly, will last longer and will give better results.

Where have I smelt Chamomile before?

It may surprise you to know that some Vermouth’s have Chamomile listed in their ingredients. It’s maybe less surprising if you know that Vermouths were traditionally produced in Italy to be a medicinal drink and incorporated many different herbs.

Nowadays you are more likely to get Vermouth in a cocktail so next time you order a Martini or a Manhattan, you might like to see if you can detect a faint aroma of Chamomile.

vermouth has chamomile in its ingredients

Chamomile Lawns
If you are lucky enough to have happened upon a Chamomile lawn you will know the beautiful aroma they give off and how soft they feel under your feet. They were more fashionable in days gone by and reportedly there is one at Buckingham palace planted by George V. If you can’t get access to the palace look out for Chamomile infused fields when you're on a country walk. You will know by the smell if you stumble across one!

What is Roman Chamomile essential oil used for?

Roman Chamomile oil for stress and tension
For tension, anxiety and soothing the psyche, Roman Chamomile can be inhaled via direct palm inhalation or using a diffuser. The gentle and calming qualities of the sweet aroma will quiet the mind, relax the body and uplift you if your are down.

Keep a bottle on your desk at work and periodically add a drop or two to a tissue close by so you can inhale the aroma, relaxing yourself (and any colleagues in your vicinity that could do with chilling out!)

Roman Chamomile for Menstrual cramps
For menstrual cramps rub a couple of drops of Roman Chamomile mixed with a carrier oil into your abdomen, lower back or anywhere you are feeling pain. Combine with a soothing cup of Chamomile tea to get double the impact from this medicinal herb and cuddle up with a hot water bottle, pyjamas and some obligatory fluffy socks to melt away those period blues.

chamomile essential oil helps with menstrual tension
Roman Chamomile for a restful sleep
Trouble sleeping? Add Roman Chamomile, to a spray atomiser with Lavender and water and spray around your bedroom. The sedative effects of these oils combined will send you off to the land of nod and aid a peaceful sleep.

Roman Chamomile for muscle cramps
If your body feels tired and sore, perhaps from over exertion at the gym or stress, combine Roman Chamomile with Rosemary oil and a base oil and gently massage the area where you are experiencing the tension. For double relaxation points, light some candles and get a romantic partner to help administer the massage, and relax while the tension melts away.

Roman Chamomile essential oil recipes

Roman Chamomile diffuser blend
Add 3 drops of Chamomile, Lavender, Geranium and Ylang Ylang to a diffuser for a stress relieving blend. Close your eyes, inhale and be transported in your mind to a beautiful garden on a summer's day. Bliss.

Roman Chamomile sleep spray
Combine 10 drops of Roman Chamomile with 10 drops of lavender in a spray atomiser with 125 ml of water. Spray in your bedroom before sleep and on the bottom of you feet to get a peaceful nights rest.

Roman Chamomile blends well with
Bergamot, Clary sage, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon, Neroli, Rose, Rosemary and Ylang Ylang.

Roman Chamomile oil safety

Always dilute Roman Chamomile oil. Some people have an allergic reaction to Chamomile so do a patch test before using on your skin and check with your Dr before using is you are unsure of how you may react, or if you have any long standing health issues. Pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid use.