How to use Tea Tree essential oil

Tea Tree oil has healing & antiseptic properties.

Melaleuca Alternifolia

100% pure Tea Tree essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves and terminal branches of the Tea Tree plant. The camphorous scent is clean, astringent, naturally antiseptic and uplifting to the psyche.

Inhaling the aroma from cupped palms will clear the sinuses and awaken the senses whilst promoting clarity of mind.

inhaling essential oils from cupped hands

The healing and anti bacterial qualities of Tea Tree essential oil can be incorporated into our modern lives via aromatherapy, topically on the skin, hair and scalp, and for use in household chores.

"It’s no wonder that Tea Tree is a common ingredient in many commercial healthcare products. Its antiseptic, anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties have secured its place as a must have treatment in alternative medicine, and western medicine is now beginning to catch on. Native to Australia, Tea Tree was used by the indigenous population to soothe colds and coughs and to treat skin conditions and wounds".  

As antibiotic resistance increases and people become more aware of how to maintain their health using natural remedies, scientific studies are being more commonly conducted into the effects of Tea Tree oil on many ailments including MRSA, bacterial vaginosis, dandruff, gingivitis and oral thrush to name a few.

Scientific research into Tea Tree oil is in its infancy compared to commercial pharmaceutical products that have large R&D budgets, but this hasn’t stopped Tea Tree oil being a must have for complementary medicine practitioners and people who are open to harnessing the natural power of plants.

Aromatherapy with Tea tree oil

Where have I smelt Tea Tree oil before?

Tea Tree is used commonly in many household name products, from soaps to shower gels, spot and skin treatments, insect bite and repellent preparations and household cleaners.

Shower gels
One of the more popular shower gels of recent times is the Original Source range. Their products are packed full on natural ingredients, so much so, that their Mint and Tea Tree tingle shower gel can literally make your eyes water. Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh Tea Tree to awaken the senses? 

Household cleaners
Big brand named glass and hard surface cleaner Windex, manufactured by SC Johnson, is one commercial cleaner that listed Tea Tree oil as a fragrance. The fresh scent of Tea Tree leaves homes smelling clean and well cared for.

Here are some of the ways you can utilise Tea Tree oil at home.

Tea Tree oil for spots and acne
Acne and spot treatments that are prescribed by a Doctor such as Benzoyl Peroxide can be drying to the skin and in turn create itchiness and scaling, further aggravating skin sensitivities. Using Tea Tree essential oil as an alternative has the benefit of being a more emollient and lubricating way of dealing with problem skin, cutting down on the drying side effects of harsher medications.

Tea tree oil for treating skin

A clinical study of 124 people using Benzoyl Peroxide versus Tea Tree oil showed a significant positive effect of both these treatments on mild to moderate acne. The great thing about the use of Tea Tree oil in this study, was that there were less negative sides effects than using Benzoyl Peroxide. Tea Tree oil can be used effectively and safely if you are prone to breakouts or for dealing with one off spots and pimples that occur less often.

Dilute the oil in a carrier oil to achieve the best results. A 5% dilution is sufficient, mixed with a carrier of your choice; Argan oil, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond oil are all good choices of base oils for the face, and combined with Tea Tree oil they offer increased skin maintenance benefits.

Breakouts can have a detrimental impact on self confidence and wellbeing and any treatment needs to be used regularly before you will see results, therefore it is well worth considering using natural remedies that will be kinder to skin with prolonged use and won’t leave longstanding damage to your skin.

Tea Tree oil to treat dandruff
Shampoos made specifically for dandruff control can be quite harsh and strip the natural oils in your hair. If you already have a shampoo that you trust to keep your hair clean and healthy and would like to make it into a treatment for dandruff, simply put the shampoo into your hand and add a few drops of Tea Tree oil into the mix before washing. The oil is emollient which will help moisturise a dry scalp and the antiseptic properties will help to get rid of the cause of the dandruff. Use Tea Tree oil regularly when you are shampooing your hair to see the desired effects.

Tea Tree oil to clear the sinuses
When cold season catches you out and you find it difficult to breathe grab your trusted bottle of Tea Tree essential oil, a bowl, a towel and some steaming hot water. Fill the bowl with hot water, add 5 to 6 drops of Tea Tree oil. Place your head over the bowl (keeping your eyes closed so the vapour doesn't sting them) and put the towel over your head and around the bowl to make a big steamy Tea Tree vapour tent. Breathe in and out to relieve nasal blockages, ease your breathing and soothe a headache. This treatment will not only make your cold feel better, but it also doubles up as a mini facial, opening up those pores and refreshing tired skin.

Tea Tree essential oil recipes

Diffuser blend
Stay alert throughout the day by diffusing 3 drops of Tea Tree oil, with 5 drops of Lemon EO and 2 drops of Peppermint EO. This stimulating, mind enhancing blend is sure to perk you up.

Insect bite treatment
If you have been on holiday and been attacked by Mosquitoes make a roller ball potion to help treat those itchy bites whenever they start to irritate you. Fill a 10ml roller ball almost to the top with your chosen carrier oil and add 5 drops of Tea Tree oil. Give it a shake and pop it in your handbag, for on the go insect bite relief.

Tea Tree essential oil blends well with:
Bergamot, Citronella, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Lemongrass and Peppermint

Tea Tree essential oil safety

Tea Tree oil should always be diluted before use especially if you have sensitive skin. Once opened store the oil in a cool dark place and use within 6 months. Like all EO’s we would recommend avoiding if nursing or pregnant unless a qualified Dr or aromatherapist has prescribed use. Do not ingest Tea Tree oil.