The ultimate guide to using essential oils for the eco friendly, woke, stressed out women of the world

We all know the regular ways to use essential oils, adding to a diffuser, dropping oils under a running bath tap or deploying them in an intoxicating aromatherapy massage.

If you're wanting more creative ways to use your oils - look no further than All Over The Drop’s Ultimate Guide to using essential oils. It’s time to go next level plant based.

Tired of the same old laundry routine. Fret not, here are some ways to spruce up your shirts and perk up your pants.

using essential oils for laundry

 #1 Delicious detergents
Add essential oils to your washing machine detergent drawer to create a fragrance that can’t be bought on a supermarket shelf. Add aromatic oils like Ylang Ylang or Jasmine to your lingerie wash. Your sexy thong and balconette bra will still look amazing but also give off an additional seductive fragrance to make you smile each day as you get dressed.

#2 Run out of fragrance sheets for the tumble dryer?
Or are they just an expense that can’t be warranted? Don’t worry you can make your own. All you need is an old piece of cloth or a flannel, doused with few drops of your fave essential oil. Pop the cloth in the dryer cycle with your laundry, and voila! The best thing is the cloth can be reused again and again. Thrifty and kind to the environment.

#3 Does anyone like ironing?
Well if you like it or not you can at least make it smell better. Fill a large bottle with distilled water and add a drop or two of essential oils. The trick here is not to go to heavy with the EOs as too much oil could stain your clothes. Give the bottle a shake and lightly spray your clothing before going all in with the iron. If you’re in doubt about the dilution test the spray out on a piece of clothing that has seen better days.

Most of us love a clean and tidy home, but not everyone likes the process of cleaning.

essential oils for cleaning

Household chores sometimes seem to be relentless, never ending tasks, and they can be even harder to get a grip on when we would rather be doing something we think is more important. Shaking up our cleaning routines and changing our mindsets can give us the motivation we need to power through the cleaning. After all, 'a change is as good as a rest'.

#4 Bored of vacuuming?
Don’t worry we all are; and we’re all even more bored of people dropping mess on our newly clean carpets. We can’t magic away the mess, but we can make those stinky vacuum dust collecting chambers smell a bit better. Soak a cotton wool ball in essential oils and add it in the dust chamber. If the hoovering is really stressing you out try an oil that will relax you like Chamomile or Lavender and experience suction with a smile.

add essential oils in vacuum cleaner chamber

#5 Steam mopping
When filling up your steam cleaner with water sneak in some essential oil to take your steam mopping to a whole new level. Rosemary, Tea Tree and Lemon are great EOs to leave a clean fresh scent around your home.

(Disclaimer) - We’re not sure if this one will affect your steam cleaners warranty, but we have personally tried and tested using EOs in our steam cleaner and it is still going strong. This is one of All Over The Drop’s favourite essential oil cleaning hacks but we can’t be held responsible if your steam mop breaks!

#6 Removing sticky residue.
One of the annoyances of life is buying something that has a sticker on that appears to have been sealed down with super glue. You start to peel an edge, thinking ‘this will come off in one go’; then it tears.

You are then left to grapple with trying to find that corner that will lift easily so you can get rid of that pesky sticker, but it doesn’t happen.

So you try soap and hot water, but the sticker residue, (that incidentally is now turning grey and bobbly), is even more steadfast on staying in place.

You need some Lemon essential oil.

Drop some onto the residue and use your finger to rub at it, and voila, the gunk is gone.

#7 Mice and spiders don't like Peppermint. 
If you have been unfortunate enough to find out you are sharing your home environment with some unwanted mice, whip out some Peppermint essential oil and use it to clean down the areas where your four legged friends have been congregating. Mice don’t like the smell of Peppermint so it will put them off your home and they will forced to find somewhere else to have their mouse parties. Using this treatment in conjunction with taking other precautions (filling up gaps that the mice are using to access the house etc) will allow you to treat your infestation without having to fall back on a mouse trap.

Bonus tip - Spiders don't like Peppermint essential oil either, so if you suffer from full blown arachnophobia, put Peppermint essential oil on cotton balls and place them in the corners of your home where spiders like to hang out.

#8 Removing burnt on debris from pans.

Lemon essential oil to clean a burnt pan
If you’re pan has burnt and you don’t have a brillo pad to hand, fill the pan with boiling water and 10 drops of Lemon essential oil. Let it stand for half and hour and then simply wipe the burnt bit off. Easy peasy - Lemon Squeezy.

So you’ve filled up your diffuser and its constantly on the go spitting out fresh essential oil aromas to match your mood, yet you still can’t get enough of the good scents. Don’t worry. Get more aromas in your life by following our freshening up tips.

#9 In the closet 
Put a cotton ball with a couple of drops of oil in an organza bag and hang it on a coat hanger in your wardrobe for a fresh scent every time you open the cupboard doors. If you’re feeling creative and want to make this look pretty, fill the bag with dried herbs that have been doused in essential oils. If you want to craft a closet freshener that has substance, style and scent, choose herbs and essential oils such as Rosemary and Lavender. This will make a closet freshener which will smell great whilst repelling moths.

#10 Has your reed diffuser seen better days?
If your reed diffuser is old and tired and not giving out a beautiful scent, you can bring it back to life by adding essential oils into the bottle. If you don’t have a reed diffuser, but you would like one, you’re in luck, because they are pretty simple to make.

reed diffuser with essential oils

All you need is a bottle, a carrier oil, some essential oils and some small reeds that will fit into the bottle neck. Half fill your bottle with carrier oil and add around 30 drops of essential oils. Put your finger on the top of the bottle to seal the opening and give the bottle a shake to disperse all those lovely essential oils. Then insert your reeds into the bottle neck and wait for the oils to be absorbed.

Whenever you want to experience a stronger aroma just take a couple of reeds out of the oil and insert them back in the bottle upside down.

#11 shake and vac
Remember in the 80’s when Shake and Vac was all the rage? Who didn’t love the jingle ‘ Do the Shake and Vac and put the freshness back’?

If you are too young to remember the advert, or if you haven't come across this product, Shake and Vac is a scented powder that is sprinkled on carpets and left for the fragrance to infuse before being vacuumed away.

You can make your own version of Shake and Vac, with Bicarbonate of Soda (or Baking Soda if you are Stateside) and a few drops of essential oils. 1 ounce of baking soda mixed with 15 drops of essential oils is all you need. At All Over The Drop we like a floral smell for a homemade carpet freshener. Geranium or Rose Geranium are good choices. Mix the soda with the essential oils, shake on the carpet and leave to stand for 30 minutes before vacuuming off. The result, a carpet that smells like it has been strewn with fresh petals.

#12 Revitalise candles that aren’t smelling so good
So many sumptuous smelling good quality candles nowadays are fragranced with 100% pure essential oils. If you’re into candle making adding the essential oil to the wax is of course the best way to make sure your candle has the fragrance you desire.

adding essential oils to candles

If you’re not into making candles, and just want a quick hack to improve the scent of a plain candle, or a fragranced candle that has lost its mojo - do this;

Light your candle, and wait while some of the wax has melted a little. For safety blow out the candle before adding a couple of drops of essential oil into the melted wax. Carefully light the candle again. Remember essential oils can be flammable, but if you’re sensible and use common sense and caution you shouldn’t set anything on fire, other than your candle wick.  

At All Over The Drop we like to use Ylang Ylang as a candle refresher. It’s a hedonistic floral fragrance that makes us feel quite decadent and fancy.

#13 Cushion covers, rugs, carpets and curtains.
It’s not always practical to have these items washed regularly, but they can take a battering picking up dirt and smells that may be permeating around your home environment. You can create a very simple linen spray with some Witch Hazel or Vodka, water, essential oils and a glass spray bottle, that can be used to spritz over your soft furnishings. Making your home smell sweet and welcoming for yourself and your guests.

If you love using essential oils in the home but worry they aren’t getting out enough, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to utilise your essential oils outside of the home too.

#14 Is your car air freshener just a tired old piece of fragrance free cardboard?
If your Magic Tree has lost its sparkle and it needs bringing back to life, give it the old essential oil treatment. 2 to 5 drops of essential oils will make your car interior smell sweet once again. You can be traditional and opt for a Pine fragrance or mix it up with other scents.

Why not try some Patchouli, for an intense incense aroma?

#15 Keep flying critters at bay on hot summer days with a homemade EO insect repellent.

make an insect repellent with essential oils
Fill a spray atomiser bottle with a third of vodka and 2 thirds with water. Add in 5 drops of Citronella, 3 drops of Clove and 5 drops of Eucalyptus oil. Give your potion a shake and spray on your body before venturing outside to keep insects away. (Use Caution with Clove oil - it's very strong, and it should always be diluted before testing on your skin for sensitivity).

Making your own cosmetics and toiletries can be a fun way to fill time. You will also have the added benefit of knowing what ingredients you are using on your skin, and you can cut down on plastic consumption by decanting your creations into glass jars.

Whether you’re a creative who likes to craft in your spare time and make thoughtful gifts for your family and friends, or if you have just forgot to buy a roll on deodorant when you went shopping and you don’t want to have stinky pits, essential oils mixed with common household products can help you make alternatives to regular products  

#16 Hair perfume
Our hair can be a magnet for picking up bad smells that are in the environment, and let’s be honest, sometimes we are just not in the mood to shampoo, condition, dry and style our manes to eradicate those bad smells in our bouffants. If minimal fuss, time saving hair maintenance is high on your agenda, (as it is ours), then you need hair perfume.

make hair perfume with essential oils

To make a perfume for your hair, all you need is a spray bottle, some Rose Water and 15 drops of your favourite essential oil. Half fill your bottle with Rose water, add the 15 drops of oil, or a combination of oils if you are feeling adventurous, and top up with water.

Shake the bottle, spritz the hair, the jobs a good ‘un.

We like using Neroli and Rose Geranium essential oils, for a floral frenzied, hair perfume.

#17 Deodorant
If you are concerned about what ingredients are in your deodorant, or what happens to all those roller balls when they inevitably end up in landfill, it may be time to join the revolution and start using a deodorant paste, that can be stored in a trusty, recyclable glass jar.

You can buy a paste deodorant, (but where is the fun in that) or you can make one, (which is definitely more fun). You will need 3 tablespoons of Shea butter, 3 tablespoons of Coconut oil, 4 tablespoons of Bicarbonate of Soda and 20 drops of essential oils.

Melt the coconut oil and Shea butter in a pan or in the microwave. Add the Bicarbonate of Soda and essential oils, give the potion a mix, and leave it to solidify at room temperature. Simply rub the finished mixture into clean dry armpits, for a deodorant worthy of saving the whiffs, saving the world and saving your hard earned pennies.

#18 Cuticle oil
Cuticle oils can be made from any base oils and you don’t have to add essential oils to them to be effective, but the addition of essential oils to a homemade cuticle oil will add a sweet fragrance and additional benefits depending on which essential oil you choose.

For example Lemon essential oil is good for removing stains on nails, so if you have taken off some bright red polish, only to be left with a pink tinge on your nails, mix up a batch of Lemon EO with a base oil and massage regularly to remove staining and also to promote long healthy nails.

Finding Yo'self

Sometimes life has you feeling like ‘it’s all just too much’. When the outside world has got you down, it’s time to start exploring what’s on the inside. It’s time to go deep.

essential oils for meditation

When you need to spend some unadulterated me time, finding yourself, essential oils are the perfect addition to help get you in the zone. A few bottles of plant based power can help set the mood and the environment for doing some deep spiritual work on yourself.

Here are All Over The Drop’s tips on how to use essential oils to help you get in touch with your metaphysical self.

#19 Journalling
Grab a pen and paper or open your laptop and start channeling the free flow of all that noise in your head into a document. By doing this you can begin to visualise what you are thinking, and how you are thinking and this can be the start of finding solutions to the issues that are plaguing your thoughts.

woman journalling

If you can journal in an uncluttered environment it will allow you to focus your energy on the thoughts in your mind, rather than being distracted on things that take away your focus and energy. Diffusing Rosemary essential oil can be a perfect addition to your journaling activity, helping to boost your memory and concentration skills so that your journaling ‘me time’ is spent effectively, getting to the route of your issues.

#20 meditation
We all know that meditation can help us clear our minds of thoughts that are whirling away inside and ultimately distracting us from living in peace. Many of us find it hard to take the time out of the day to just sit in a quiet environment and forget about the world. The truth is that meditating, even for a very short time on a daily basis, can help us to get a grip on things that are bothering us.

Patchouli essential oil can help promote relaxation and ground you so its a good essential oil aid to help your meditation practice. Before you begin to meditate diffuse Patchouli essential oil, or rub some diluted Patchouli into your temples. Sit on a chair with your feet flat on the ground and keep your hands open on your lap and your palms facing upwards, so that you are grounded and ready to receive the positive vibes that the universe has in store for you.

Close your eyes and sit in meditation, batting away thoughts that pop into you mind. The more often you do this the better you will get at it and you will see more positive benefits as a results.   

#21 Manifesting

“Welcome to the world! What's your dream? Everybody who comes to the world has a dream”.

Ok so this is paraphrased from Pretty Woman, but we switched out ‘Hollywood’ for ‘The World’, and actually we think this quote is quite apt.

We all have dreams, but some of us put other people’s dreams ahead of our own. At All Over The Drop, we are here to tell you to ‘Stop doing that shit!’. Put yourself first!  Obviously this doesn't mean you should leave your toddler at home while you go to a wine bar, however if you have run around after small children all day, it’s your prerogative if you don’t wish to run after another grown up child in your home who may be masquerading as your husband or partner.

Instead, spend your evening working out what your dreams are, and take some time to create a vision board or a list of goals that you want to achieve, that are exclusively about making YOU happy.

home made altar for manifesting dreams

Once you have your new goals set out, create a sacred space in your home with your vision board, candles, essential oil diffuser and a list of your goals. Spend a minimum of 10 minutes a day in silence focussing on your goals. To make this a special ritual, that is all about you, diffuse essential oils while focussing on your desires.

For manifesting love utilise some Rose Absolute, If you need more passion in your life try Jasmine Absolute, if you require more money and wealth diffuse Patchouli oil. Repeating affirmations can also be a great way to spend 10 minutes a day in your own zone, focusing on your own hopes and desires. 

There are so many ways to use essential oils for your health and well-being. This list is not exhaustive, so if you want to harness the natural power of plants and you have some essential oils, get creative and see how you can utilise EOs to make your life more fragrant.