These 3 essential oils can get you in the mood this Valentines day

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and you may be looking for a natural way to boost your libido and heighten the sexual intensity.

increase libido with essential oils

By all means go for dinner and watch a movie, but don’t stop there. Valentine’s Day can really begin when you get home and underneath the sheets.

If you want to have a Valentine’s Day to remember, setting the scene and creating the right ambience can get your evening off with a swing.

A sensual massage with essential oils, or diffusing your  EO’s, (in whichever room you would like the magic to happen), can affect the senses and increase the libido.

Here are our top 3 oils to help get you in the mood.

Neroli essential oil

Neroli has an intoxicating beautiful fragrance which is why it is commonly used in perfume production. In aromatherapy Neroli essential oil is used to improve mood, heighten libido and increase longevity.

A study that took place between 2013 and 2014 on menopausal women, showed a significantly higher sexual desire VAS (visual analogue scale)  score in the women that had inhaled Neroli essential oil.

Neroli oil can stimulate libidoWhether you are menopausal or not, diffusing Neroli EO will impact your senses and create the right ambience for a romantic night in. Mix your Neroli with a base oil, like Sweet Almond oil, for a sensual massage to remember.

Jasmine Absolute

If you have a nose for deconstructing the layers in perfumes, you may recognise the scent of Jasmine as an ingredient in the iconic Chanel No5.

Jasmine is a strong and decadent floral oil which has aphrodisiac qualities that can be used to increase arousal.

Use jasmine absolute for a sensual massageThe Jasmine flower, by its very nature is exotic and the fragrance from a bottle of 100% pure Jasmine is potent and hedonistic, which are qualities you may associate with romance and desire.

Top up your diffuser with Jasmine Absolute, warm a mixture of your carrier oil and Jasmine in your hands, and see where the night takes you.

Rose Absolute

Roses are a traditional symbol of romantic love. If your other half forgets to treat you to a a fabulous bouquet of Roses this Valentine’s Day, all is not lost. Whip out a bottle of Rose Absolute for some floral foreplay.

You can prolong a Rose infused sensual experience by starting the evening with a candlelit bath. Add a few drops of Rose Absolute under the tap and let the floral vapour soothe and relax you and your partner. Towel dry before moving onto a romantic massage.

A shoulder massage will relive built up tension

Focussing on the neck and shoulders to start with will relieve any last bits of built up tension, leaving you free to work your way around any other areas that would benefit from some hands on pleasure.

You can find enjoyment with many different essential oils in the bedroom, so don’t shy away from experimenting if you have an oil that isn’t on this list, just make sure to dilute your oils first.

If you have a particularly strong oil be careful of using it on sensitive areas and remember massage oils can damage latex, so if you are using a condom, opt for a water based lube.

Happy Valentines Day!