Why Sweet Almonds are more than just an ingredient for plant based milk

If you like to snack on a handful of Almonds every now or again, or splash plant based Almond milk on your morning cereal, you probably already know the benefits of eating the fruit from the Prunus dulcis tree. These delicious nuts are full of healthy fats, magnesium, protein, fibre and vitamins.

almond milk

The health benefits of Sweet Almonds doesn't stop at internal consumption, as when the nuts are cold pressed they produce an oil which retains many of the nutrients that can be found in raw Sweet Almonds. 

Sweet Almond oil contains vitamin E in higher amounts than most other nut oils. Vitamin E is used in cosmetics to slow down the effects of ageing, it helps to moisturise the skin and keep it supple, and can reduce scarring. Sweet Almond oil also contains calcium, which helps the epidermis to regulate skin cell turnover, and Magnesium which can also help to improve the appearance of the skin.

Sweet Almond oil softens, soothes, and moisturises and has emollient properties that help relieve itchy, sore and dry skin, making it a must have skin treatment. 

The oil is one of the most widely used oils in aromatherapy and massage. The oil is yellow in colour with a very faint oil odour. It is light to the touch and doesn’t leave a thick residue, in fact it seems to evaporate into skin, making is a fantastic non greasy oil which is perfect for skin and hair care and is delicate enough to be used on the most sensitive skin types, including babies skin.

aromatherapy massage with sweet almond oil

Sweet Almond oil is used extensively in the creation of commercial skincare, haircare, toiletries and cosmetic products; from bath oils, shower gels and soaps, cleansers, creams, lotions, shampoos and conditioners. By buying Sweet Almond oil in it's natural form, you can use the oil unadulterated, on your skin, or on your hair and by adding your own natural plant based ingredients you can further improve the oils properties or change the fragrance.

Improve hair condition and eradicate dry ends

Massaging Sweet Almond oil into the roots of wet hair can help with stimulating hair growth and conditioning roots. Remember as your hair roots grow at the follicle they ultimately become the ends of your hair so this treatment performed regularly and over time is great for people who have dry ends. After massaging comb or brush the oil through the rest of your hair for complete coverage.

Covering your hair with a shower cap or warm towel will help the treatment penetrate the hair shaft. Leave the oil to work for an hour or overnight for a deeper conditioning treatment.

Adding essential oils to the Sweet Almond oil is a great way to get further benefits and to make your hair smell scrumptious. When you are ready use shampoo to wash the Sweet Almond oil away and reveal soft and shiny hair. 

On dry hair you can use a few drops of the oil in place of a serum to add shine or as a styling aid. For a daily stimulating hair growth treatment put a very small amount of the oil on your fingertips and massage the scalp. You will be able to determine how much oil is needed by your hair type, less is needed for fine hair and use more if your hair is thick. The nutrients in the oil and the stimulation of the massage will help your hair to become strong and healthy. Use the leftover residue on your hands to condition dry ends of your hair if you have them.

Sweet almond oil to improve hair condition

An all in one skin treatment for the skin on your face and body

Sweet Almond oil can be used in place of your regular facial moisturiser. If you’re not used to using oils directly on your face and think they will be too greasy and cause breakouts you will be surprised as the texture of Sweet Almond oil means it soaks straight into your skin, the oils rich nutrients will penetrate the epidermis layers helping to protect the skin and prevent ageing, and it does all of this without without leaving a residue.

The oil is also delicate enough to use around the skin on your eyes. Use your ring finger to gently press the oil onto the skin, making sure not to drag or rub your skin. It is thought to help with reducing dark circles and is a great base to use before using concealers that can sometimes feel drying around the eye area.

If your foundation is for heavy coverage but you would prefer a more dewy look simply dilute it with a couple of drops of oil, before applying to your face for a more natural coverage.

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Lock in moisture and minimise stretch marks

Sweet Almond oil can be used on your body when you are dry or on damp skin after showering or bathing. Applying the oil while you are still wet will help to lock in moisture and really help tackle dry skin that may be exasperated by the environment, such as skin that is dryer and feels stressed in winter. The oil is very soothing for the body and is also effective in minimising stretch marks with regular use.

Use Sweet Almond oil in place of a hand cream to keep your hands soft and to ward off age spots.

Our hands can often give away signs of our age if they are not well looked after, using Sweet Almond oil regularly will help reduce signs of hand ageing.

For an intense hand treatment smear your hands with Sweet Almond oil, put on your rubber gloves and wash up your dishes in hot soapy water. When you remove the gloves your hands will be super soft. For strong healthy nails massage the oil into your cuticles at the base on the nail. 

Sweet almond oil for cuticles and nails

Create an individual skincare routine with Sweet Almond oil, specific to your skincare needs.

Combining Sweet Almond oil with essential oils allows you to create bespoke treatments that meet your individual skin and hair care needs. You can further improve the results you get from Sweet Almond oil and create a fragrance that is unique by incorporating one or more essential oils. Here are some of our favourite combinations for inspiration:

Sweet Almond oil blends well with the following essential oils for skincare
Clary Sage, Frankincense, Geranium and Tea Tree

Sweet Almond oil blends well with the following essential oils for hair care
Bergamot, Jasmine, Lavender and Neroli.