Boho Jewellery

Whether you are on a mindfulness journey and want to reflect this in your style, or if you just like the look of the Bohemian vibe, wearing Boho jewellery is a quick and easy way to update your look.

Bohemianism encapsulates having an unconventional lifestyle, whether that be via art, music or spiritual pursuits. If you want to go full Boho you may consider quitting your job & being a full time wanderer and making time for lots of adventure. 

Boho jewellery

"If you love the Boho mindset but are still living the reality of holding down a job and have limited freedoms you can still reflect the Boho Lifestyle by the way you decorate your home, the clothes you wear, or in a more accessible way by just updating your jewellery & accessories.

Here are some of our favourite spiritual Boho jewellery & accessories to help you get started on your Boho journey, without breaking the bank!

Boho Feather Earrings

Feathers represent spiritual freedom and a connection to the spiritual world. You may have heard it said that "Feathers appear when angels are near". If you can't runaway to the nearest beach right now, you can still represent the feeling of Bohemian freedom with these cute feather drop earrings.

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These gorgeous Boho earrings have a dipped tip colour on the end. Choose from Turquoise, Red or Black tipped earrings. 

ONLY £7.45 & a quick & easy way to get the Boho look.

Braided Feather Boho Bangle

This futuristic bangle wouldn't look out of place at the Burning Man Festival. If you're planning on going, or if It's a little out of reach at the moment, you can still easily recreate the look.

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The Braided Feather Bangle features Faux leather with layers of iridescent shiny braids and beads. A gold feather with an evil eye gives protection to the wearer of this unique bracelet. Two gold magnetic clasps hold the bracelet securely in place. 

ONLY £14.95. Wear this piece for instant Boho glam!

Crystal Pendant Necklace

What could be more Bohemian than crystals. If you love the healing energy of crystals than wearing one close to you all day is the perfect way to stay in touch with your spiritual side while going about your daily business. 

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Crystals are natural phenomenons that can invoke a range of feelings for the wearer. The necklace pictured is a Clear Blue Opal which can be worn to attract or keep feelings of love, passion & loyalty close to you all day.

ONLY £6.95 + P&P

Hamsa Hand Keyring

If you're looking for a way to keep your keys in one place without scrimping on Boho Style, the Hamsa Hand Keyring could be just what you are looking for.

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The Hamsa Hand Key chain features an evil eye surrounded by sparkling silver gems, inlaid on either a black or blue Hamsa hand. Perfect for those who want to accessories their Boho look. 

ONLY £9.95 +P&P You can buy a Hamsa Hand keyring here.

Hamsa Charm Bracelet 

Staying with the Hamsa theme, this adorable Boho charm bracelet will add a touch of spiritual style to your look.  This versatile charm bracelet can be worn on your arm, as you would expect, or you can mix it up an wear it as an anklet.

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The Boho Hamsa Charm beaded bracelet set consists of 5 elasticated and 1 adjustable bracelet, so it can be fitted perfectly to your arm or ankle.

ONLY £7.95 +P&P for instant Boho Chic Style

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