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Dragons Blood & Sage Smudge Stick


Add a magical and mystical feel to your smudging routine with a Sage and Dragon’s Blood smudging stick 

Dragon's blood is a naturally occurring substance that is obtained from specific plants which produce a vibrant red coloured resin. 

Dragon’s Blood has been highly valued since ancient times for its incense, its colour and for its medicinal and magical properties. 

All Over The Drop’s Dragon's Blood Smudge Sticks consist of dried Sage, (which is used for cleansing and purifying), that has been saturated with Dragons Blood resin.

What can I use Dragons Blood Smudge Sticks for?

All rituals are unique and personal to the person doing the smudging, and you can choose to smudge in whichever way suits your needs, however, Dragons Blood has been connected in many traditions with attracting money and love.

Our ancient African ancestors used Dragons Blood in Mojo Hands. A Mojo Hand was a bag with a collection of magical herbs, roots, minerals and resins. Dragons Blood was used specifically for attracting Money or Love.

Paganism and Wicca also associate Dragons Blood with the ability to help with enhancing sexuality, attracting love or even getting a marriage proposal.

Before you start smudging

Before you start to smudge make sure to set your intentions. You can do this in your head or state what you want out loud, however you feel comfortable is the right way to do this.

Always make sure you smudge in a well ventilated area. Open windows or doors. The healing smoke from the smudge stick will attach to any negative ions in the atmosphere and there needs to be an escape route for this energy to leave your space. When you are finished you will be left with a clear and calm feeling space.

Directions for use
Simply light the stick and blow out the flame. Waft the smoke around your space to cleanse and clear negative energy

100% pure dried Sage & Dragon's Blood Resin

Length Large approx 22.5 cm
Length Small approx 15cm

UK delivery 3-7 working days
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