Hi, I'm Jane and I founded 
All Over The Drop

Nowadays many of us are working longer hours and struggling to manage our careers, families and social lives. It's a wonder we can do everything on our to do lists and also fit in the basics of eating healthily and exercising.

Having lots of different commitments in our day to day lives may leave us feeling we are ‘All Over The Shop’.

It can be difficult to find ways to regulate our stress levels when our lives are so jammed packed and making time for ourselves can be easily overlooked.

Taking on a plant based diet, using aromatherapy and becoming more mindful are all things I have done to improve my life and mental health. Using essential oils took me from 'All Over the Shop' to 'All Over The Drop”.

Mindfulness, meditation and spiritual practices have helped me to put life into perspective and as a result I wanted to share my tips for a stress free, more mindful life with you!

All Over The Drop is all about ethically sourcing the best natural, cruelty free plant based skincare, wellbeing and spirituality products from around the world, and sharing blogs and information on how to really start looking after ourselves.

The goal is to help people understand just how awesome and loved we are, and bring some much needed cheer and relaxation to world.