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Chamomile Aromatherapy Pillow

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Our Chamomile Aromatherapy Pillows are therapeutic, soft, fresh, relaxing and welcoming. Made with 100% organic and sustainable cotton jersey and infused and perfumed with freshly dried organic Chamomile. 

Improve your sleeping experience with our Chamomile Aromatherapy pillow which has been designed with pure comfort and relaxation in mind. The pillow is premium quality, made with the finest sustainable materials and infused with the delicate scent of freshly dried Chamomile flowers to relax the body and to promote a deep and restful nights sleep.

Our Chamomile filled Aromatherapy pillow has been designed to help combat stress and anxiety while you sleep. 

Stress is caused by our reactions to the daily pressures of life and it can cause disturbances and imbalances within our bodies. When we are anxious or stressed we may experience physiological effects such as insomnia, an increased heartbeat, a sense of emptiness or even more pressing concerns such as panic attacks. A restful sleep is vital if we want to reset our bodies and minds and feel ready for the day ahead.

The Chamomile plant is used in aromatherapy as it provides a natural remedy to combat stress and anxiety. When you sleep on the Chamomile Aromatherapy Pillow the beneficial properties of the dried organic Chamomile flowers are released during sleep. When you fall asleep on the pillow and through out the night the natural aromatherapy effects will offer relaxation and the pleasant sensation akin to falling asleep on a camomile lawn.

Our organic cotton pillows support health and wellbeing as they have not been treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Sleeping on our Chamomile filled aromatherapy pillows means that you will be resting on a pillow that is not filled with harmful toxins. 

Our organic cotton is GOTS certified and has the BioRe label which means this product also promotes and supports organic farming, fair trade, and non-toxic textile production.



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*This product ships from our manufacturer in Italy. Please be aware that shipping of this product may take longer than stated due to the current pandemic. 

Product description

Measurements 50x80x12cm

Internal pillow case 100% organic cotton jersey with zip

External pillow cover 100% organic cotton with practical zip and washable at 40° 

Pillow filling

100% organic BioRe cotton which has been GOTS certified (GOTS is the Global Organic Textile Standard is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres).

100% organic dried Chamomile flowers

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chamomile aromatherapy pillow made with organic cottonaromatherapy pillows made with sustainable cotton

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