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Dr Botanicals Bio-Balancing Digital Diffuser


Dr Botanicals Bio-Balance Wooden Aroma Diffuser is a new technology therapy device that brings together aromatherapy, light-therapy and an air purifier.

It features 7 changing light colours to create different moods to the room, 2 mist modes that regulate the scent from deep to light if used with essential oils* and provides fresh humidification for dry indoor air.

Experience balancing aromatherapy, light-therapy and air purification


Lasts 1-3 hours with one fill
7 Colour moods of LED light 
Whisper quiet
Box includes 1 aroma diffuser, 1 adapter and 1 manual


Relax or uplift your mood with scents from essential oils*
Balance your ambiance with soft light
Freshen the air in your home with Anti-dry protection



1. Connect the AC adapter to the DC jack on the bottom. 2. Remove the unit cover and tank lid. 3. Add water then add 5-10 drops of essential oil. 4. Replace the tank lid and unit cover. 5. Connect the AC adapter to a household powder outlet. 6. Power the unit on. Reference Instruction manual for more direction on settings, cleaning and storage.

*Essential oils must be purchased separately.

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