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Handcrafted Mosaic Bowls


Beautifully handcrafted bowls, made in Southern Indonesia with natural materials.

We're delighted to stock these gorgeous handmade bowls that have been made by an enterprising family run business in Southern Indonesia.

The bowls come in a set of 3 and are painstakingly created by hand using stained glass mosaics and terracotta, and they are finished with a rattan trim.

Each bowl has been lovingly created, taking many hours to complete. The results of the dedication and hard work that goes into these bowls is easy to see.

The base of the bowl is terracotta and the stained glass mosaic adds a stunning complimentary look and feel to the overall finish of the bowl.

These bowls look great on display or alternatively use them as a fruit bowl, to put potpourri in or just to store your odds and ends.

The bowls come in 5 colours, chose from:

  • White Marble
  • Purple Glow
  • Golden Green
  • Ruby Dusk
  • Golden Moss

Each set comes with 3 bowls in the following sizes

Sizes Large: H: 9 cm; D: 29 cm

Medium: H: 7.5 cm; D: 24 cm; Weight: 1 Kg

Small: H: 5.5 cm; D: 20 cm; Weight: 0.75 Kg

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