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Renewing Eye Serum by Organic & Botanic 15ml


A gentle eye care product by Organic & Botanic that strengthens and repairs sensitive skin around the eyes, great for those of us who are concerned about the delicate skin around our eyes.


Used regularly, Amazonian Berry Renewing Eye Serum works to lift and firm the eye area. The hydrating and nourishing active ingredients will help to give a bright and rejuvenated look.

All Organic & Botanic products are certified Vegan, and made from natural ingredients. These plant based products are not tested on animals and are formulated to be kind and gentle to your skin and to the planet.

The main active ingredients in the formulation are:

1) Sweet Almond, Olive and Sunflower Oils aim to deeply moisturise the skin.

2) Chamomile, Cranberry and Caffeine work to brighten the eyes by reviving and nourishing.

3) Beautify, derived from the Persian Silk Tree, works to lift and firm the skin around the eyes.

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Who should use Amazonian Berry Renewing Eye Serum?

Use this product if you are concerned about your eye area

Use this product if you want to look younger

Use this product for increased radiance

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